Cloud Clusters Infrastructure

Cloud application management platform with enterprise-class hardware and networks to power your business up.

Over the years, we have been devoting ourselves to helping small and medium-sized businesses, tens of thousands, by providing professional and economic IT support. We have been seeking for a better way to streamline our service provision, to improve our service, and to help our clients gain competitive advantages through new technologies.

We came up with the new comprehensive Managed Cloud Application hosting solution, mixing the convenience of SaaS and the effectiveness of IaaS. It is not only a milestone marking our efforts in satisfying the clients, also an accelerator to their business growth.

Cloud Clusters Top-Tier Networks

Top-Tier Networks

We cannot overestimate the importance of network connectivity. Nowadays, high-speed Internet is almost an absolute necessity for all online businesses, which explains why we only work with the most advanced network providers around the world to support our cloud application hosting.

We ensure that we provide the most scalable and reliable transport to guarantee a premium speed, uptime and performance.

Cloud Clusters Custom Solution

Custom Solution

We don’t believe that there is a silver bullet to solve all problems, or a one-size-fit-all approach for all requirements.

Through our customizable and comprehensive solution, we developed a highly flexible cloud application management platform to provision a scalable working environment for business-critical applications quickly and easily. The platform is still swiftly evolving to accommodate the increasing custom requirements.

Cloud Clusters World-Class Hardware

World-Class Hardware

Business-critical applications depend heavily upon the reliability and stability of hardware infrastructure.

Our hardware will be constantly updated according to the latest technologies, to maximally accommodate developmental needs of cloud application hosting.

Cloud Clusters Preminu Online Support

Premium Online Support

Leveraging a new generation cloud computing technology is challenging, especially for those who needs extra support from IT professionals.

With our professional support, however, nothing is as difficult as it seems to be. Our team consists of experienced members with diverse expertise and strong problem-solving skills in cloud application management. It grants us huge confidence and motivation. Nevertheless, what lies in the deepest, is our care for humanity.

Cloud Clusters Cost Efficiency

Cost Efficiency

Our cloud application hosting service is cost-effective. Pay-as-you-go model and zero investment of equipment are money-saving to our clients. Our specialised knowledge in managed cloud application hosting enables us to turn a set of state-of-the-art hardware into a platform, with excellent scalability and high availability in its architecture.

Cloud Clusters Open System

Open System

Our cloud application management platform is aimed at accommodating not only standard and well-packed applications, but also developers’ home-brewed applications with ad hoc solution.

It is able to cooperate with a variety of underlying clouds, including on-premises and the most popular public ones. The open architecture empowers developers to achieve more with less.

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