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What is CockroachDB

CockroachDB is an open source, distributed SQL database with strongly-consistent ACID transactions, horizontal scalability, familiar SQL API and super amazing survivability. It empowers users to create scalable applications and store data globally without worrying about potential disasters.

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    CockroachDB Features

  • cloudclusters tick name High Availability
  • cloudclusters tick name Simplified Deployment
  • cloudclusters tick name Golang Implementation
  • cloudclusters tick name Multi-Active Availability
  • cloudclusters tick name Automated Scaling Healing
  • cloudclusters tick name Distributed Transactions
  • cloudclusters tick name Standard SQL Support
  • cloudclusters tick name Strong Consistency

CockroachDB Videos & Screenshots

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Get Started with CockroachDB

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admin UI sql queries

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admin UI replica per node

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admin UI capacity

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admin UI memory usage

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