PostgreSQL is the most advanced open-source relational database.


What is PostgreSQL?

Postgresql is an enterprise-class open-source database. It has 30 years of history and has evolved into an advanced and versatile database. Its stability and advanced features make it extremely trusted and broadly utilized by the industry. It can accommodate the most demanding needs of many giant companies and corporations. Among its users are very well-known names, such as Sony, Instagram, Amazon, and Skype. Postgresql is not only just a relational database but also an object-oriented database. It supports object-oriented programming concepts such as inheritance and polymorphism. You can elegantly design your database as software developers design their classes. Postgresql supports various data types, including JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), and a faster binary JSONB. It means that Postgresql can store unstructured and semi-structured data. This feature makes Postgresql a unique NoSQL database with strong ACID transaction support. Postgresql's versatility comes from its extensible architecture. It supports user-defined types and functions, and third-party extensions that are used to implement additional functionalities. PostGIS is a typical one that can process geospatial information and makes PostgreSQL a GIS platform.

PostgreSQL Parameters

Ratings Followers First release date
Jul 08, 1996
Current version License type Latest release date
11.5 PostgreSQL License Aug 08, 2019
Customer support Managed by us? Open source?
Email / Ticket Yes Yes
Languages Platform Database
C Windows Linux macOS Solaris FreeBSD OpenBSD

PostgreSQL Features

Cross-Platform Support

PostgreSQL is one of the most popular database systems. It’s supported on almost all platforms, including Mac OS, Windows, Linux, and Unix. All major programming languages can interact with PostgreSQL.

Various Data Types

PostgreSQL is well-known for its diverse data types support. Besides typical data type in the regular relational databases, PostgreSQL also supports JSON document type, geospatial data type, and more custom data types.

Open Source

PostgreSQL is released under PostgreSQL License. It is PostgreSQL's only license and is similar to the BSD or MIT licenses. The PostgreSQL community remains committed to making PostgreSQL available as free and open-source software in perpetuity.


PostgreSQL is highly extensible. PostgreSQL has its built-in programming language. Users can use it to implement their functions. It also supports third-party plugins to extend the functionality of PostgreSQL. Famous PostGIS is one of these plugins.