How to Migrate Dolibarr Sites to Cloud Clusters

In this article, we will show you how to migrate Dolibarr site to Cloud Clusters from other providers. We will migrate Dolibarr-79480 to Dolibarr-79529 as an example.


Make sure that the Dolibarr version is lower than/the same as the version provided by Cloud Clusters.

1 Back up the application on the original platform

Using the following command to back up your Dolibarr database.

# /usr/bin/mysqldump -h localhost -uadmin -p$MYSQL_PASSWORD --databases dolibarr >mysqldump_dolibarr.sql

Back up the content of your documents directory via the command.

# tar -czvf documents_dolibarr.tar.gz documents/

Download the backup files to your local machine.

2. Transfer backup files to Cloud Clusters

Before the transfer, please make sure your have created a Dolibarr application in Cloud Clusters.

You can refer to the guide on how to transfer files via FTPS

3 Restore backup files on Cloud Clustesrs

Load your old database into your Cloud instance

# mysql dolibarr -uadmin -p$MYSQL_PASSWORD < mysqldump_dolibarr.sql

Restore the documents directory

# tar xvf documents_dolibarr.tar.gz

4 Reload Dolibarr Service

# supervisorctl status
# supervisorctl reload 
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