How to Perform a Minor upgrade for ERPNext

This article will show you how to Upgrade ERPNext between minor versions under a main release. We will upgrade ERPNext from 13.26.0 to 13.34.0 as an example.

1 Back up current application in Client Panel

Be sure to take a snapshot for your ERPNext first in case the upgrade failed.

2 Upgrade ERPNext from a minor version to another

You can take this upgrade through Web Shell/SSH in Client Panel. Click the start icon to launch a shell session.

Check the current version by typing the following command in the shell:

$ cd /cloudclusters/erpnext/frappe-bench
$ bench version

Execute the command below to make the upgrade. It will upgrade to the latest version of ERPNext in several minutes:

$ cd /cloudclusters/erpnext/frappe-bench
$ bench update

Note: If the upgrade fails using the bench update command, please try

 $ bench update --reset

Check the new version:

Restart all processes so the changes take effect by following command:

$ supervisorctl restart all

4 Confirm a successful upgrade

Check in broswer if your website is working or not.

Log in to your ERPNext site with the administrator user to check the version.

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