How to Log in to LimeSurvey Admin Panel

The LimeSurvey admin panel is essentially the control panel for your entire LimeSurvey website. LimeSurvey Admin Interface contain functionality that allows you to create and list surveys, find help, configure and change your personal and application settings, view important system notifications and administrate your application. Once your LimeSurvey application is created, you can find the credentials for LimeSurvey Admin Panel in Cloud Clusters Control Panel.

1. Create a LimeSurvey Website

Please make sure you have created your LimeSurvey application on our platform.

2. Get credentials for LimeSurvey Admin Area

Go to the Site & SSL page in the Control Panel, you can see the LimeSurvey Admin URL and the credentials for it.

Click the Admin URL and input the username and password you just got. Then, click Log In.

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