Canceling a Package

If you prefer trying a different plan or simply terminating the current one, you can cancel your package with a few button-clicks here.

1. Locate the deployment

Please log in to the Control Panel at with your credentials. Go to the "My Applications" page and locate your target deployment from all deployments listed.

2. Navigate to the "Overview" page

Click the "Manage" button on the My Applications page to go to the Overview page.

3. Delete the deployment

Scroll down to the "Stop Using the Application" section on the Overview page and click the "Delete Deployment" button or the "Request Cancellation" button.

Note: The system will not automatically back up your data. So before deleting, please make sure that you have manually backed up your data on to your local machine.

If you are in the free trial period, input the deployment name.

If you are canceling a paid service, type in the deployment name, followed by choosing the cancellation type.

We would greatly appreciate your feedback before you cancel the service. Hopefully, you can provide as much detailed information as possible so we can address it for you.

Done! You have submitted a cancellation request for the service. If you want to continue to use the serivce, please delete the request by clicking the button on the Overview page as the screenshots shows.

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