How Can I set up My Nextcloud Website?

Summary: With your Nextcloud application is ready, you will need to set up a Nextcloud website. It involves the following steps:

Table of Contents:

Add my domain to Nextcloud
Manage DNS Record
Install SSL Certificate
Reset My Website Login Password

Body Content:

1.Add a Domain to Nextcloud

If you do not have a domain yet, you could get one at Database Mart.

2.Manage DNS Records

If you decide to use our name servers, you will need to manage your DNS records for your website in our Control Panel.

3.Install SSL Certificate

SSL encrypts sensitive information that is sent across the internet, so it’s essential for protecting your website. You can choose to enable a free SSL certificate or a custom one.

4.Reset the Website Login Password

Website login password is the password of your admin user. You can reset it in the Control Panel as you need.

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