How Can I Migrate My Website to WPClusters from Current Provider or Local PC

Summary: There are a couple of ways to migrate website to WPClusters platform. This article will show you how to migrate WordPress sites via WordPress built-in tool and All-in-one WP migration plugin

Table of Contents:

Migrate WordPress via Built-in Tool
Migrate WordPress via All-in-on WP Migration Plugin

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1.Migrate WordPress via Built-in Tools

Tools is a menu tab in the WordPress admin sidebar. It contains tools to perform some non-routine management tasks, such as exporting and importing WordPress data. You can use this feature to migrate your WordPress Websites.

2.Migrate WordPress via All-in-one WP Migration Plugin

All-in-One WP Migration plugin exports your current WordPress website into a backup — an archive file with the.wpress extension, which then you can import in any WordPress site. The plugin is a convenient solution for keeping regular backups of your website (s) for many purposes or just transfer website from one domain to another.

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