How to Reset the Password of Your Cloud Clusters Account

This articles will show you how to reset your password of Cloud Clusters accounts under two situations below:

  • when you fail to log in to the account.
  • when you log in to the account successfully.

Reset Password When You Fail to Log in to the Account

1. Go to the Control Panel login page

Please enter the Control Panel login page at Then Click "Forget password?"

2. Verify Your Registered Email

Type in your email you use to register your account.

You will get an email with password reset link as below

3. Reset Password

Copy the link to a broswer and reset the password.

4. Log in to the Cloud Clusters

Please enter the Control Panel login page at with your update credentials.

Reset Password after your successful login

1. Log in to the Client Panel

Log in to the Control Panel page at with your credentials.

2. Reset password

Click "Change Password" from the fold menu of the profile.

Enter your old password and new password, followed by clicking "Update".

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