Introduction to SSH and SSH Command Usage

The Shell / SSH service enables you to use Linux commands to manage your applications in the Control Panel. You can issue commands as if you are inside a container and perform local operations like monitoring, debugging, and using CLI commands specific to what is running in the container.

The protocol is used in corporate networks for:

  • providing secure access for users and automated processes

  • managing network infrastructure and other mission-critical system components.

SSH Command Usage

  1. You should always run 'apt update' before any 'apt install' operations.

  2. Softwares or packages installed via command "apt install" will be lost when the container is restarted.

  3. The data and configuration files of your apps are stored in directories /cloudclusters.

  4. Clients can manage web application services by supervisor CTL:

    • supervisorctl start/stop/restart apache

    • supervisorctl start/stop/restart mysql

    • supervisorctl start/stop/restart php-fpm

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