Increase organizational efficiency with cloud Odoo on the Kubernetes platform

What is Odoo

Odoo is a suite of business management software tools including CRM, e-commerce, billing, accounting, manufacturing, warehouse, project management, and inventory management to name a few.

Odoo Parameters

RatingFollowers 59,549 41,510 64,814
Latest version14Current Version(s)14Customer supportLive chat/ Ticket
License typeGNU LGPLv3First release dateFeb, 2005Latest release dateOct 2, 2020
Product categoryCRMManaged by usYesOpen sourceYes
Languages Python, JavaScript, XML
Platforms Linux, Unix-like, OS X, Windows, iOS, Android

Odoo Features & Advantages

Easy to use

It provides an intuitive and user-friendly user interface, which ensures people adopt it without much effort.

Easy integration

Odoo is API-friendly and easy to integrate with. Apps can be easily added as your business needs evolve and your customer base grows.

Community Support

Odoo is an open-source project. It is actively maintained by a global community of developers to meet evolving customer needs.

Low cost

Odoo offers a suite of ERP and CRM apps that covers almost all your company needs with no licensing cost. Users can maximize their budget for implementation and customization.

Wide functionality coverage

There are hundreds of core Odoo modules covering CRM, eCommerce, accounting, inventory, point of sale, project management, etc.

A Modular Structure

Odoo’s modular structure makes it easy for users to customize the solution by adding or removing any modules based on their business needs.


Odoo is a web-based business application designed to run on various modern web browsers. Multiple users can access it at any time and on almost any devices.

Updated technology

Odoo is designed on a technology stack that is up-to-date. These technologies continue to be developed and adapted to the latest paradigms.

Odoo Videos & Screenshots

Meet Odoo 14

Meet Odoo 14

Sales Teams | Odoo CRM

Sales Teams | Odoo CRM

Lead Generation | Odoo CRM

Lead Generation | Odoo CRM

CRM Basics and Pipelines | Odoo Crm

CRM Basics and Pipelines | Odoo Crm

Odoo Hosting Plans

Express Odoo

$ 4.99/month
  • Single Node
  • 2 CPU Cores
  • 2GB Memory
  • 60GB SSD Disk
  • 60GB SATA Backup Storage

Basic Odoo

$ 8.99/month
  • Single Node
  • 3 CPU Cores
  • 4GB Memory
  • 100GB SSD Disk
  • 100GB SATA Backup Storage

Professional Odoo

$ 15.99/month
  • Single Node
  • 4 CPU Cores
  • 8GB Memory
  • 160GB SSD Disk
  • 160GB SATA Backup Storage

Advanced Odoo

$ 31.99/month
  • Single Node
  • 6 CPU Cores
  • 16GB Memory
  • 240GB SSD Disk
  • 240GB SATA Backup Storage