Managing Your Application in the Control Panel

Our self-developed Control Panel allows users to manage their applications in one single interface.

Go to the management page

By clicking Manage on the My Applications page, you can go to the deployment management interface.

Note: For CMS and ECOM applications, please go to the Site & SSL page to get connection information. For database applications, please go to the DB & User page to get connection information.

The Overview Page

The Overview page lets you review your application performance at a glance and enable you to perform key actions to your package, including upgrade, downgrade, billing cycle changing, deployment deletion, and clean installation(for CMS and ECOM applications).

The Site & SSL Page(for CMS and ECOM Applications)

This Site & SSL page is where you manage your websites, DNS, SSL, Domain, and URL redirection. A default URL, an admin user, along with a password will be created once the application is deployed. Clients can add new domains and manage them.

The DB & User Page(for Database Applications)

On the DB & User page, users can create and delete databases & users. Please note that Users will have to create a database and a user so that they can start using the application.

The phpMyAdmin page

phpMyAdmin is one of the most popular administration tools for MySQL database management over the Web. Launch one from this page to manage the database for your site.

The File Manager Page

File Manager allows users to upload, add, delete, and search for the files of your site.

The Shell/SSH Page

Manage your application by issuing shell commands. Please note that you need to activate your paid account to get the shell access.

The FTPS Server page

Secure your data transfer by using the FTPS server.

The Security Page

The security page lets you define what kind of internet traffic is allowed to connect to your database. Up to five IPs can be added to the whitelist. When the rules switch is off, all connections to or from your instance will be allowed; when it’s off, only connections from listed IPs are allowed.

The Metrics Page

Monitor your application with the metrics.

The Snapshots Page

A snapshot is a file system-level backup. This is where you can manage your backups.

The Events Page

This page lists all the activities users have taken in the Control Panel since the application was deployed.

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