How Can I Start with Your Hosting Service

Summary: This article will walk you through a typical Cloud Clusters journey in minutes.

Table of Contents:

Create a Matomo Application
Set up Matomo Website
Track Data with Matomo

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1. Create a Matomo Application

With a registered Cloud Clusters account, you can deploy a Matomo instance in minutes. We offer a free trial for most applications we support. Matomo is on the free trial list. To deploy a Matomo, please log in to the control Panel and click the "order now."

2. Set up Matomo Website

After creating a Matomo, you need to set it up. It involves the following steps:

  • Initialize the Matomo Installation
  • Adding Domain to Your Website
  • Managing DNS records
  • Installing SSL Certificate
  • Resetting the Website Login Password

Once these are all set, you can start working with your Matomo website.

3. Track Data with Matomo

You can log in to your Matomo to view and analysis the data of your tracked websites.

Matomo management scenarios

In our Control Panel, we provide many tools for you to manage your Matomo websites, including FTPS、File Manager, and Shell/SSH. Those can be used in many scenarios to facilitate the management of your Matomo:

If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us at

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