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20+ App Types to Meet Various Business Scenario Requirements

Create Personal, Ecom Websites

Building a personal or ecommerce website has never been easier, whether you are an entrepreneur looking to set up an online store or an individual showcasing your portfolio or blog.

Database Management

Organize, store, and maintain databases efficiently and securely, and create, modify and delete databases, monitor their performance, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of the data.

ERP, CRM Software

Integrate all business processes and operations into one system to streamline operations, optimize resources, and provide better service to customers with ERP and CRM software.

Runtime Environments

Runtime environments help developers build efficient, safe, and reliable applications, and simplify the management and deployment of applications, which can run on multiple operating systems and platforms without worrying about compatibility issues.

8 Benefits to Ensure Steady Business Operations for Clients

Availability and Reliability

Availability and Reliability

Cloud Clusters offers multiple data centers and disaster recovery measures to ensure availability and reliability. Your applications will get 99.9% uptime, greatly reducing the risk of service interruptions or data loss.
Fast Deployment

Fast Deployment

One-click deploying cloud apps with Cloud Clusters takes less than minutes and is immediately usable, eliminating the need for users to spend a lot of time and effort on infrastructure setup and configuration.
User-Friendly Control Panel

User-Friendly Control Panel

You will get a user-friendly control panel that allows you to manage and monitor all your applications in one place, boosting your management efficiency and reducing maintenance costs.
Affordable Pricing

Affordable Pricing

Cloud Clusters offers affordable pricing for our services, making them suitable for small and medium-sized enterprise budgets. Additionally, we provide free managed service to help you reduce costs.
Easily Scale Resources

Easily Scale Resources

When more resources are needed, you can increase the capacity of computing and storage resources by upgrading cloud resource packages.
Less Restrictions

Less Restrictions

Unlike other SaaS applications, Cloud Clusters has fewer restrictions on the number of login users, database connections, database instances, and websites.
Data Migration

Data Migration

Cloud Clusters offers cross-data center data migration services, enabling users to easily move their data from one data center to another.
Delete Anytime

Delete Anytime

Users can terminate the application in the control panel, or migrate data to other cloud hosting service providers. We will not make any restrictions.

4 Features of Our Cost-Effective Service to Save the Most

Advanced Technical Architecture

When hosting cloud apps, you typically rely on a PaaS platform to deploy and run applications. Cloud Clusters uses a self-developed PaaS platform based on containerization technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes to simplify deployment and management while keeping costs extremely low.

Free Managed Service

By using managed service, Cloud Clusters is responsible for managing and maintaining the services of the entire system to ensure that users' services are always in a high availability state, protect data security, and solve problems encountered by users in a timely manner.

Free Trial, Free SSL

Cloud Clusters offers a free trial for users to experience our services before purchasing. Additionally, we provide free SSL certificates to ensure that your application is secure when transmitting sensitive data.

Join Merbership Program

Join our membership program and enjoy discounts on all cloud apps ordered during a certain period, which is perfect for users who need to deploy multiple cloud apps

Tailor Made Easy-to-Use Control Panel for Centralized App Management

Application Management

The control panel provides administrative functions for websites and databases. Users can easily start, stop, and restart applications, as well as perform operations such as file management, domain name binding, and SSL certificate management. In addition, users can easily manage the database through the control panel, including backup, restoration, creation and deletion of databases.
Application Management

Data Backup

The backup function of Cloud Clusters provides two options of automatic backup and manual backup. Automated backups are performed automatically according to a schedule chosen by the customer, usually during off-hours to minimize impact on application performance. Manual backup can be done through the control panel to ensure that data can be backed up in time when needed.
Data Backup

Real-Time Monitoring

Cloud Clusters can monitor various indicators of applications and servers in real time, such as CPU utilization, memory usage, network traffic, etc., thereby helping users quickly find and solve problems.
Real-Time Monitoring

5+ Approaches to Address Data Security Concerns

Data Isolation - Container Technology

Cloud Clusters app hosting service uses Docker container technology to avoid deployment problems and configuration conflicts caused by inconsistent application operating environments. Each instance runs in an independent environment and is completely isolated from other applications. This is the biggest difference from shared hosting.

Data Backup

We regularly back up user data and stores it on different devices to ensure data availability and disaster recovery capabilities.

Monitoring Service

Real-time monitoring services include network, hardware and software. If there is any abnormal situation, our technical team will deal with it immediately.

Firewall Protection

Cloud Clusters provides customers with secure firewall protection against unauthorized access and malicious attacks.

SSL Connection

SSL connection means that data transmission can be secured by using digital certificates and encryption protocols, preventing man-in-the-middle attacks and data leakage.

How Cloud Hosting Service Helped Business Thrive

WordPress for Bloggers
Moodle for Educators
Odoo for Management
MySQL for DBAs
Create a Blog Site with WordPress
Emma is a blogger with her blog site, and she chooses WordPress Hosting service. Emma can now focus on her writing work without worrying about website performance and stability issues. Her website data is protected and data migration is unlimited.

Cloud Clusters: A Large-Scale Hosting Platform for Hundreds of Cloud Applications

Cloud Clusters Inc provides users with fully managed cloud application hosting services. A PaaS platform built using technologies such as Kubernetes and docker, with more than 60 skilled employees supporting the business. Our goal is to provide our customers with cost-effective and reliable cloud services using newly developed cutting-edge cloud technologies.
Customer Testimonials:
Most of our clients are willing to recommend our services to their friends
Cloud Clusters technical experts have the in-depth knowledge and expertise to quickly diagnose problems and provide solutions. We support communication with customers through tickets, email, online chat, etc. The service time is 24/7/365.
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Kumar Says:
I like the cloud hosting service provided by Cloud Clusters. Their technical support is very professional, and the price is very affordable. My website runs stably on their platform, and I won't have to worry about the server anymore.
Eduardo Says:
I'm the founder of a small business, and I didn't understand the concept of cloud hosting at all in the beginning. But Cloud Clusters customer support answered all my questions patiently and gave me helpful advice. Now my website is running smoothly on their platform, and I appreciate their help.
Mariyam Says:
I really like the free PaaS platform provided by Cloud Clusters. It allows me to easily build my own applications, and there is also a free managed service to provide support. I am very satisfied!
Noah Says:
Cloud Clusters customer support is excellent. They are always able to answer my questions in a timely manner and solve my problems. At the same time, their data backup and data migration functions are also very easy to use, and I can use their services with confidence.
Ethan Says:
I am very concerned about the security of my data, so I am very happy to see that Cloud Clusters uses container technology to isolate and protect my data, making my data more secure. At the same time, the cache service and storage service they provide are also very useful, helping me optimize my application.
Olivia Says:
Although I don't need a free PaaS platform, I appreciate the promise of Cloud Clusters to provide affordable cloud hosting services for small and medium-sized enterprises, which makes me more willing to choose them as my cloud hosting service provider.