Reliable Cloud Application Management Platform


To embrace the changes brought by cloud era, Cloud Clusters is building an advanced and trustworthy Cloud Application Management Platform.

We are dedicated to providing easy migration, management, and customization of cloud applications for the small and midsize businesses while ensuring rock-solid security and high performance.

Professional and Considerate Cloud Application Hosting Service


Cloud Clusters is more than a Cloud Application Management Provider. We will attentively listen to your specific service needs and heartily care for your success.

With an experienced and innovative team, and professional and seamless support, we will continuously optimize the cloud application hosting services to simplify your life.

Why Choose Us for Cloud Application Hosting

The easiest way to choose and run cloud applications. The most considerate support for open source cloud application hosting.

A variety of Managed Cloud Applications


We resolve to offer the clients exceptional cloud application management services with diverse applications which are written in various languages or depend upon different runtime environments.

Simple to Choose open source Cloud Applications


We are surrounded with various open source cloud applications today. Choosing a proper one becomes challenging. Our search function empowers you to easily hit your best-fit solution.

Easy Cloud Application Deployment and Management


With our cloud application management platform, the app installation is only a wizard for a few clicks. All apps are fully managed, obviating your concern for the deployment, configuration, and maintenance.

Highly Scalable Cloud Application Management Platform

Elastic Scalability

With a wide spectrum of cloud application hosting environments from containers to bare-metal server clusters, our platform is highly available to apps of different sizes, flexibly meeting your requirements.

Powerful Tools for Cloud Application Hosting

Effective Tools

Pinpointing the performance issues and runtime errors can be a headache. With the powerful tools of our intuitive dashboard for analytics, statistics and monitoring, troubleshooting can simply be a matter of minutes.

Round the Clock Technical Support for Cloud application Hosting

24x7 Support

We offer professional support for open source cloud applications around the clock. If ever a problem arises, our team of experts are always available to ensure any issues are addressed with a high level of efficiency.

News & Press Releases

View the latest news about Cloud Clusters. Enjoy cheap cloud application hosting service with seamless support.

Cloud Clusters Inc. Launches Managed Magento Hosting Services on Kubernetes Platform

Denver, Colorado, June 24, 2019 -- Cloud Clusters Inc., a cloud application hosting start-up, launched its fully managed Magento ( hosting service.

Jun 24, 2019

Cloud Clusters Inc. Launches Managed Drupal Hosting Services on Kubernetes Platform

May 4th, 2019--Cloud Clusters Inc., a Colorado-based cloud hosting start-up, launched its fully managed Drupal hosting services on Kubernetes cloud platform(

May 04, 2019

Cloud Clusters Inc. Launches Managed WordPress Hosting Services on Kubernetes Platform

Cloud Clusters Inc. announced the general availability of its fully managed WordPress hosting services ( A six-month free trial is available.

Mar 21, 2019

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