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The advantages of our company

Always Low Price

Always Low Price

You can get the same configuration and support at half the price of the average level for a cloud hosting service, even with our monthly billing. And feel free to lock in more discounts with our long-term plans.

Free Trial

Free Trial

We offer a free trial of most applications on our Kubernetes cloud for 7 days. Our free trial allows you to enjoy the same experience as our paid service. No credit card is required. You can virtually use our services without any hassle.

24/7/365 Tech Support

24/7/365 Tech Support

Our in-house professionals are available 24/7/365 to help resolve issues on your cloud hosting services, whenever you need, wherever you are.

Fully Managed Cloud Hosting

Fully Managed Cloud Hosting

Our expert team takes on the hosting management work, including system administration, maintenance, upgrade, and security, leaving you time and energy to concentrate on your business value.

Rich Application Options

Rich Application Options

On our Kubernetes cloud platform, we support over 20 applications in different categories, such as database, Content Management System (CMS), Ecommerce (ECOM), and AI. You can easily find the ones that best meet your needs. We will launch more apps, such as IoT, in the future.

Powerful Control Panel

Powerful Control Panel

The intuitive control panel with comprehensive tools enables users to manage their applications conveniently. Application monitoring, backup, and recovery are significantly simplified and improved, saving time and energy for your business growth.

Cloud Clusters Data Centers

Cloud Clusters Data Centers

5 locations in USA. We are still expanding. Deploy your applications closer to you and your visitors.

5 Locations

  • Bend, Oregon (West US)
  • Charlotte, North Carolina (East US)
  • Denver, Colorado (Central US)
  • Dallas, Texas (South US)
  • Kansas City, Missouri (Central US)

Client Testimonials


Very good customer service. I am getting replay from team quickly and precisely.


Your representative was quite helpful and responds in a timely fashion.I will have no problem recommending this hosting platform. Keep up the great work. Theckla.


I really cannot complain about your communication or support help has been excellent. Keep up the good work.


Dear, can be accessed again, thank you for the support ... most likely I will continue to use this service thank you.


After discovering Cloudcluster, I gave my ex-Web Hosting provider a bad review.


I just wanted to say thank you for very good and user-friendly service. You're the best comparing with others on the marketplace.


Include node.js environment. Else enable Nodebb one-click installation. You'll get many customers.


So far, all very well, excellent service. Thank you.


I have just checked from internet and looks great service. I am happy to use your service.


First impression - top class hosting, gave it 2nd thought before registering, made the right decision. will give you another feedback after completing my site. Thanks.


Highly Recommended For Everyone. Specially For Startups.


Performance is super good! I'm happy with the initial test. Will dig more.


CP is very simple and user friendly. 10/10 for UX.


Industry Dynamics and company development.

Cloud Clusters Inc. Introduced its Membership Program

Denver, Colorado, July 28, 2022 -- Cloud Clusters Inc., a cloud application hosting start-up based in Denver, rolled out its membership program. This program will allow members to save up to 75% on all hosting product purchases from Cloud Clusters in a year. It will be especially beneficial for IT professionals and cloud hosting resellers.

Cloud Clusters Inc. Introduced its Managed Hosting Services on Kubernetes Platform for Prometheus™

Denver, Colorado, April 29, 2021 -- Cloud Clusters Inc., a cloud application hosting start-up based in Denver, announced the general availability of the managed hosting services for Prometheus™(